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Parking Brake Cable Retaining Clip
Model: 3101280
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea
Brake Hose Retaining Clip
Model: 3097585
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea
MBM Pro Line 7" Dual Diaphragm Booster PB7537PC
Model: 3463538
Condition: NEW
Powder Coated Black Finish 3-3/8" Bolt Pattern (Firewall Side) 3-3/8 Center to Center Bolt Hole (Master cylinder Side) Uses adjustable pin   **Note** These boosters will work on a variety of GM, Ford, Trucks, &…
$117.99 ea
Corvette Brake Booster Filter, 1978-1984
Model: 3170312
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Filter Replace Every 12 Months …
$20.99 ea
Fuel Additive Fuel Fresh
Model: 1030148
Condition: NEW
FUEL FRESHis America's finest gasoline preservative & stabilizer - for over 20 years ! Originally formulated for collector Corvettes, it has proven itself in millions and millions of applications - and withouta single bottle ever…
$20.99 ea
Chevy Or GMC Truck Brake Drum, Front Or Rear, 6 Lug, 1951-1970
Model: 3031127
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Brake Drum 2WD  & 4WD 1/2 Ton Applications  Bolt Circle = 6 X 5.5" Diameter = 11.09" Fits Front Or Rear Fits Brake Shoes 11" X 2"   And 11 X 1¾ " The brake drum on  your…
$78.99 ea
GM Rear Parking Brake Cable Assembly, NOS 15625481
Model: 3463621
Condition: NOS
Original GM Item 15625481 in Original Packaging #24 in Diagram …
$50.99 ea
Wilwood Tandem Aluminum Master Cylinder with Proportioning Valve, Black, 1" Bore
Model: 3429108
Condition: NEW
Wilwood has packaged the popular Aluminum Tandem Chamber Master Cylinder with the Combination Proportioning Valve, mounting bracket, fluid tubes and mounting hardware in a kit. Tandem Master Cylinder represents the latest in…
$489.99 ea
Chevy Truck Dust Shield, Brake Rotor, 1960-1987
Model: 3213842
Condition: NEW
  High Quality Replacement Disc Brake Backing Plates Used on All 1971-1987 Trucks From The Factory Works With Our 1960-1970 Disc Brake Conversion Includes Left & Right Sides Replace your old, beat…
$91.99 pr
Red Caliper Covers for Chevrolet Ssr, Trailblazer, Trailblazer Ext
Model: 3090998
Condition: NEW
Set of 4 caliper covers, Engraved Front and Rear: Trailblazer style/SS, Red powder coat finish, silver characters. MGP Caliper Covers are manufactured in the USA with T-6061 aerospace grade aluminum, TIG welded for strength, powder-coated…
$312.99 st
Shipped from Canada
No Brokerage or Duties
Canadian Owned 2019