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Proform HEI Distributor, Racing Type w/Vac-Adv, Black Cap, Polished, For Chevy V8 Engine 66941BKC
Model: 2032815
Condition: NEW
Designed to meet the high performance demands of racing competition, these units fit Chevy small block and big block engines. These 100% NEW distributors have all the reliable components of the 66940, but they also include a highpower…
$172.99 ea
Proform HEI Distributor, Hi-Performance, Built-In Coil, Black Cap, Chevy V8 Engine 55-82 66940BK
Model: 2032814
Condition: NEW
Fits 55 - 82 Chevy small block and big block engines. NO rebuilt components: 100% NEW! It has a high-performance control module, a hardened gear, a capacitor that prevents radio static, a high-dielectric cap with brass terminals, and a…
$178.99 ea $178.19
Shipped from Canada
No Brokerage or Duties
Canadian Owned 2019