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Proform "Distributor Coil, HEI In-Cap Mount, High-Performance, 50 66943C
Model: 2032816
Condition: NEW
More volts than stock.Engine Distributor Coil HEI In-Cap Mount Style High-Performance 50,000 Volts Outputs 15,000 More Volts Over Stock Coil Fits GM Applications Black In Finish Sold Each…
$46.99 ea
GM Spark Plug Ignition Wire Shield, NOS 12045651
Model: 3463709
Condition: NOS
Original GM Item 12173537, 12045651, 8084 …
$20.99 ea
Proform Engine Distributor GM HEI Coil, Cap and Rotor Kit, Red Cap 66942RC
Model: 2032819
Condition: NEW
50,000 Volt coil and premium hi-dielectric caps with brass terminals, and premium rotor.Engine Distributor Coil, Cap and Rotor Kit Red Cap Fits 73-90 V8 GM HEI Distributors With Internal Coil Kit Includes A Premium Hi-Dielectric Cap With…
$72.99 ea
MSD Vibration Mounts 8823
Model: 3463697
Condition: NEW
Ignition Box Mounts, Vibration Mounts, Rubber, Black, MSD 5/6-Series Ignitions, Universal, Set of 4 Brand:MSD Ignition Part Type:Ignition Box Mounts Product Line:MSD Vibration Mounts Ignition Box Mount Style:Vibration mounts…
$28.99 ea
Proform HEI Ignition Module, High-Performance, Fits GM Applications 73 to 89 66944C
Model: 2032820
Condition: NEW
Engineered with low saturation for maximum spark intensityEngine Ignition Module HEI Style High-Performance 4-Pin Model Fits All GM Applications 73 to 89 Direct Replacement For Factory Unit Sold Each…
$32.99 ea
Ignition Indicator Dial V8 1955-1959
Model: 3032726
Condition: NEW
$14.99 ea
Chevy Truck Coil, Ignition, 1955-1974
Model: 3032695
Condition: NEW
$26.99 ea
PerTronix Ignitor Lobe Sensor Solid-State Igntion Systems 1168LS
Model: 3489643
Condition: NEW
Distributor Conversion, Ignitor®, 12 V, Kit Brand:PerTronix Part Type:Electronic Distributor Conversion Kits Product Line:PerTronix Ignitor Lobe Sensor Solid-State Igntion Systems Conversion Kit Trigger Style:Hall effect…
$183.99 ea
Chevy Truck Ignition Switch Bracket, 1947-1953
Model: 3146203
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Made To Factory Specifications Easy to Install Stamped Steel Your truck's ignition switch allows the battery to send a powerful surge of electricity to the starter when the car is being started and when you are…
$39.99 ea
GM LS Ignition Control, 24X & 58X Tooth Crank, 97-13 | MSD 60143 & 6014
Model: 3143473
Condition: NEW
Fits Most LS Engines Use On Carbureted Or Fuel Injected Engines Can Be installed On 24x and 58x Crank Trigger Engines No PC Required For Basic Functionality Six Pre-Programmed Timing Tables For Easy Set-Up Rotary Selector Switch…
$768.99 ea
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