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OER 1955-60 Chevrolet Door Striker Screw Set of 6 TF400430
Model: 1008560
Condition: NEW
Reproduction door striker screw set for 1958-60 2 door Chevrolet models. Each set includes 6 screws. 2 sets requred for 4-door models. Used to attach striker plates # CX1874. …
$18.99 st
Chevy Truck Door Handle Gasket Set, Outside, 1952-1966
Model: 3034066
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$4.99 st
RestoParts Hinge Spring, Door, 1964-67 GM A Body CH21442
Model: 3435540
Condition: NEW
Years of doors opening and closing or being leaned on will wear out hinge springs. Swap them out with these quality replacements. Requires two per car. We have them in stock for immediate deliveryWe have them in stock for immediate delivery…
$10.99 ea
OER 1970-81 Door Jamb Vent Grill 8788235
Model: 2037910
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original outer door jamb vent grill used with various GM models. Produced using rigid ABS plastic. Installs on quarter panel door jamb area. This reproduction will restore the original cosmetic look of the door jamb…
$21.99 ea
GM Check Strap Pin, Door Half, NOS 15595725
Model: 3463628
Condition: NOS
Original GM Part 15595725, #11 in Diagram …
$13.99 kt $8.95
GM Outside Door Handle, Left, NOS 15593603
Model: 3463608
Condition: NOS
Original GM Item 15593603 …
$62.99 ea $40.69
Chevy Truck Door Striker Plates, 1947-1951
Model: 3036598
Condition: NEW
$29.99 pr
Door Handle Scruff Plates 1952-1959
Model: 3036575
Condition: NEW
$40.99 ea
Chevy Truck Door Handle Gasket Set, Outside, 1967-1972
Model: 3034068
Condition: NEW
$5.99 st $3.31
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