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Push On Threaded Nut 4mm Bolt Size
Model: 3279909
Condition: NEW
4mm Bolt Size 11mm Flange O.D. …
$0.99 ea
Chevy Heater Knobs, 1955-1956
Model: 3093604
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Also Fits 1955-59 Trucks …
$11.99 st
RestoParts Lever, Air/Blower, 1964-65 Chevelle/El Camino CH26268
Model: 3038387
Condition: NEW
The original levers were made of pot metal and broke easily. These complete sets feature steel levers, which are much more durable than the originals and will wear much longer. Complete set features steel levers, not pot metalComplete set…
$24.99 ea
Chevy Truck Firewall Pad, 1960-1966
Model: 3036438
Condition: NEW
$84.99 ea
Chevy Or GMC Truck Firewall Grommet Kit, 1st Design 1950-1955
Model: 3032655
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Rubber Firewall Grommets For Chevy Or GMC Truck High Durometer Black Rubber As Original Includes All Six Major Firewall Grommets For 1st Design Firewalls Only Firewall grommets are necessary for a complete…
$20.99 kt
Chevy Heater Knobs, US, 1955-1956
Model: 3005479
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Also Fits 1955-59 Trucks …
$16.99 st
White-Gauges® Orange Needle Paint For Instrument Cluster Gauges
Model: 3140322
Condition: NEW
Needle Paint Has An In-Cap Brush For Easy Application Of The Paint On Any Needle Colors Of Needle Paint Provide The Proper Reflectivity As The Stock Paints The 1 Oz. Bottle Of Needle Paint Is More Than Enough To Do 50 Or More…
$20.99 ea
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